Case Studies

  • 24 June 2015 Anton Zhuk 8188
“The customer required an implementation of Continuous Delivery solution for secure BigData that would be easy to automatically install and deploy on Cloud computing software platforms (Amazon, OpenStack). The IntroPro DevOps team, which consists of highly qualified DevOps engineers, have successfully met all the necessary requirements and developed a unique solution that completely satisfied the customer needs.”
Anton Zhuk Project lead, SDLC Solutions

Our team implemented a Continuous Delivery (CD) solution which enables automated installation of configurable secure Hadoop Cloudera environments on Cloud computing software platforms (Amazon, OpenStack), automated shipping of an application into the created BigData environment, execution of required tests (unit, integration, functional, performance etc.) and delivery of the application to production.

  • 12 June 2015 Yuriy Korotyshev 5052
"The IntroPro Development team worked on the Program Guide Services infrastructure. It was really a fascinating project with a high degree of focus on quality. Through effective allocation of time and tasks for our engineers, our project management ensured project success"
Yuriy Korotyshev Senior Project Manager

Our Client needed to build a Program Guide Services infrastructure, which would collect and store all Broadcast and On Demand Content metadata and provide advanced query and search features to request data with a versatile API. The system architecture would require efficiently storing and tracking changes of voluminous amounts of data like Programs, Videos, Channels, Scheduling Information, Images, Posters, Reviews and Celebrity Information. Despite the amount of data and complex relations among objects, the system provides low latency high TPS guarantees, load distribution, geographical high availability and fault tolerance.

  • 12 June 2015 Andriy Sementsov 5460
"It is no coincidence that IntoPro was selected as the development team for this Set Top Box (STB) new architecture and Cloud service implementation. Our engineers have extensive experience with In-Memory Data Grids, deep knowledge of the Embedded STB stack, and proven experience in designing, implementing and testing highly scalable distributed systems"
Andriy SementsovSenior Project Manager

Our Client needed to rearchitect their Set Top Box (STB) platform from the old design where data is being periodically pushed in batch scheduled intervals to the STB device to an architecture where much of the communication is performed real time via internet with a Cloud storing a very large set of data.

  • 12 June 2015 Alexander Pogrebnoy 7599
"Our Video Provider Paas project aimed to redesign the Enterprise Software Architecture, creating a common SOA Platform for all future services and applications supporting over 20 million subscribers. It was an interesting and challenging project. It was a pleasure to work with team of experts, who combine deep technical skills and team management competencies"
Alexander PogrebnoyEnterprise Architect

Our Client initiated a major redesign of its Enterprise Software Architecture to create a common platform for all future services, future applications, and integration with legacy products. The new platform was designed to be Data and Service driven with an emphasis on reusable components, composable services, shared infrastructure and resources pool, and common standards and paradigms for all future designs. The Platform As a Service initiative was based on Service Oriented Architecture.

  • 12 June 2015 Kostiantyn Polshyn 6106
"Our Enterprise Architecture team was selected to analyze the legacy Broadband Video On Demand (BBVOD) processing infrastructure. It was the right choice because our team has the best experts with deep knowledge and hands-on experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware, architectural knowledge of SOA, and proven skills in heterogeneous systems integration"
Kostiantyn PolshynIntegration Architect

IntroPro was selected as the Enterprise Architecture team to analyze legacy Broadband Video On Demand (BBVOD) processing infrastructure, to propose data and flow optimization points, and to implement an optimized data model and flow utilizing the Video PaaS Platform. IntroPro used platform capabilities such as consistent data access services, business services, UI components, and integration adapters to create a high-performance clustered application with real time content processing flow control and notification capabilities.

  • 12 June 2015 Igor Khotin 5352
"Our team worked on a quite interesting project designing and developing a modern monitoring system capable of both being integrated with a vast existing ecosystem and also reporting any problems with addressable ads that it can detect. Due to our unique experience both in embedded stack development as well as server side systems construction, the system was designed and implemented in a short time"
Igor KhotinSystem Architect

Our Client strives to keep the technological advantage over the competition. The broadcast service platform they built is one of the best in the industry. The major engineering effort goes into cutting-edge areas like cloud services and Video On Demand. One particular direction is crucial for any modern media provider – Addressable Advertisement.