• Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Systems encompass software solutions that expose and execute functionality and services in a customer business and knowledge domain. We denote the name Enterprise Systems for web applications, distributed multi-component and multi-tiered services, and large SOA based cross-functional integrated platforms. We use industry standards for technologies, frameworks, protocols and methodologies to design and implement Enterprise class solutions

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  • Embedded Solutions

    Embedded Software is a wide spectrum that deals with design and development of software solutions for custom hardware, end user devices, small factor and industrial appliances, video and audio devices and technologies

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  • Advisory Services

    IntroPro provides more than support for our clients in delivering projects within their project portfolio. Through clear insights, practical solutions and an unmatched commitment to quality, we help our clients to solve problems, prioritize and schedule their efforts to unlock their potential for growth

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  • Information Management and Business Analytics

    IntroPro's sees Information Management as the acquisition of information from one or more sources, the custodianship and the distribution of that information to those who need it, and its ultimate disposition through archiving or deletion.
    Business Analytics is the continuous iterative exploration and investigation of business data to gain insight and drive business planning

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  • Mobile Applications

    Mobility is now an absolute requirement for today's applications. We build our solutions with Mobility in mind right from the beginning.

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  • Telecom Systems

    Telecom Systems occupy the special spectrum among Software products with stringent requirements for scalability, high availability, long evolution lifecycle, performance and latency. Our Engineers and Architects have vast experience in products development, systems integration, network design, installation and support of Telecom Grade systems at Telecom software and hardware vendors

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  • TV Media Entertainment

    IntroPro has successfully delivered valuable solutions to the TV, Media, and Entertainment industry for over 7 years. All of our Expertise areas have been delivered to clients in the industry. Many of our engineers had industry experience prior to joining IntroPro

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  • E-Commerce Software

    IntroPro has vast experience in development of wide spectrum of E-Commerce software. It covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations

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Our Expertise

IntroPro provides consulting, architectural design, development and Quality Assurance services for Enterprise Systems and Embedded Systems (devices) software development that provides our customers advantages in time-to-market and overall costs. Our solutions incorporate rapid prototyping and reduced development cycle times, with diligent optimization within software and hardware constraints.

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Case Studies

  • Addressable Ads Monitoring

    "Our team worked on a quite interesting project designing and developing a modern monitoring system capable of both being integrated with a vast existing ecosystem and also reporting any problems with addressable ads that it can detect. Due to our unique experience both in embedded stack development as well as server side systems construction, the system was designed and implemented in a short time"
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    Igor Khotin
    System Architect


  • Continuous Delivery

    "Our team implemented a Continuous Delivery solution which enables automated installation of configurable secure Hadoop Cloudera environments on Cloud computing software platforms (Amazon, OpenStack), automated shipping of an application into the created BigData environment, execution of required tests (unit, integration, functional, performance etc.) and delivery of the application to production"
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    Anton Zhuk
    Project lead,
    SDLC Solutions


  • Program Guide Repository

    "The IntroPro Development team worked on the Program Guide Services infrastructure. It was really a fascinating project with a high degree of focus on quality. Through effective allocation of time and tasks for our engineers, our project management ensured project success"
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    Yuriy Korotyshev
    Senior Project Manager


  • Cloud STB

    "It is no coincidence that IntoPro was selected as the development team for this Set Top Box (STB) new architecture and Cloud service implementation. Our engineers have extensive experience with In-Memory Data Grids, deep knowledge of the Embedded STB stack, and proven experience in designing, implementing and testing highly scalable distributed systems"
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    Andriy Sementsov
    Senior Project Manager


  • Video Provider PaaS

    "Our Video Provider Paas project aimed to redesign the Enterprise Software Architecture, creating a common SOA Platform for all future services and applications supporting over 20 million subscribers. It was an interesting and challenging project. It was a pleasure to work with team of experts, who combine deep technical skills and team management competencies"
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    Alexander Pogrebnoy
    Enterprise Architect


  • VOD System

    "Our Enterprise Architecture team was selected to analyze the legacy Broadband Video On Demand (BBVOD) processing infrastructure. It was the right choice because our team has the best experts with deep knowledge and hands-on experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware, architectural knowledge of SOA, and proven skills in heterogeneous systems integration"

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    Kostiantyn Polshyn
    Integration Architect


Trusting Us
AT&T is leading telecommunications company in the U.S. and the the world’s largest provider of pay TV in the U.S. and Latin American
DIRECTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster. As of July 2015, it is a subsidiary of AT&T.
Verizon Communications is an largest American broadband and telecommunications company
Sky provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom.
Technicolor SA is a French corporation that provides services and products for the communication, media and entertainment industries.
RVU Alliance™ is a consortium of leading content service provider, consumer electronics and technology companies
Object Edge is a Commerce Solutions Company with focus in Oracle Commerce Technology, Mobility and Digital Strategy.
Visual Unity is a global provider of video and digital media solutions that bridge the gap between linear broadcast, IT and IPTV technology.
Financial industry’s premier provider of quality historical option price data, tools, and analytics.
Private direct lender who looks at the overall health of the business to provide financing to business owners with less than perfect credit
Capabilities and Advantages
Ability to Provide Quick and Flexible Staffing
Responsible and Dedicated Partner
Flexible Contract Options
Onsite and Global Delivery with Competitive Rates
Secure and Safe Development Facilities
Skilled in the Latest Leading Technologies and Tools
IntroPro is a Global Software Development Company

specialized in creating high quality business solutions for the world’s largest brands starting from enterprise grade systems to embedded systems.

Our solutions
End User
Some facts
serving clients for over 8 years
engineers of 535 employees in total
implemented projects
man-hours accumulated over 8 years

Our PRO team consists of qualified professionals in the Enterprise, Telecom and Embedded areas. Majority of IntroPro staff possess extensive experience working for big international IT, Telecom and Software companies.

Management and Delivery Team
  • Ivan Dianov
  • Andrey Kashcheyev
  • Aleksey Nakonechny
    Director, Business Development Support Department
  • Alex Kriger
    EVP, Business Development
  • Aleksey Luckyanchikov
    Director, Embedded Software Department
  • Oleksandr Tuguchev
  • Aleksey Bazhanov
    Director, Embedded Systems
  • Alexander Pogrebnoy
    Enterprise Architect
  • Kostiantyn Polshyn
    SOA Architect
  • Sergii Pikhterev
    Team Lead, Infrastructure Support & Managed Services group


IntroPro is a big friendly family. Common event, teambuildings, horizontal management allows to strengthen ties between employees and express their creativity.

Career and Life with IntroPro



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  • Our Experience Drives Your Success
  • Our Experience Drives Your Success