Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

For middle and large size Enterprises we believe the Service Oriented Architecture systems are part of the strategic direction for software infrastructure, and enterprise integration in particular. Service Oriented Architecture encompasses the architectural paradigms for designing applications in a Service centric way with a strong emphasis on services composition, orchestration and governance. Following the SOA paradigm in Enterprise environment is possible only with wide adoption of its principles both at design, development, deployment and integration layers.

With our experience  in the SOA Enterprise Stack for engineered systems, we can embark on new and existing projects with a short ramp up curve, which is intrinsically required to familiarize with a client’s existing SOA Governance paradigms and guidelines.

Technologies Stack:

  • SOA Middleware
  • Custom PaaS on top of SOA stacks
  • SOA Architecture Blueprint for customer specific PaaS
  • Migration of Legacy Heterogeneous Applications to SOA PaaS
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • BPEL and BPM
  • Mediation
  • Rules Engine
  • Business Transaction Management
  • Business Activity Monitor
  • SOA Composite Applications
  • REST/SOAP WebServices
  • Oracle ADF Applications
  • Custom Enterprise Portal as part of PaaS
  • Data Driven and Event Processing SOA applications

Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite

IntroPro is a certified Oracle Partner for the Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite. We have experience and a proven track record of designing and implementing complex SOA based platforms, services, and applications in client business domains on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

IntroPro has experience in the following SOA technologies:

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