Fast Data

Modern applications have to process more and more data each day. Many data driven solutions can still be solved with Relational Database and JPA caching. However, it becomes evident that for enterprise grade data silos and complex event driven high throughput and latency intolerant applications specialized solutions and paradigms must be applied. Fast Data denotes extremely low latency, highly scalable, highly available and fault tolerant in memory storage and computational engines.

Fast Data: In Memory Data and Computational Grids

Achieving low latency when processing large amount of data with a high access rate is possible when utilizing different optimizations. In our view, there is always an algorithmic limit for optimizations. Some of the most powerful optimization technique to vastly improve application performance is in memory caching. For complex modern applications where data volume usually exceeds available RAM on a server special Caching solution must be used. This is where In-Memory Distributed Data Grids systems come into play. They span over multiple hosts effectively creating distributed cluster with built-in replication, fault-tolerant data store optimized for objects caching.


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