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Big Data - Hadoop Systems

Most of Enterprise systems generate a lot of data that used to be archived, put into retention silos, or simply discarded just because it could not be post-processed or efficiently queried. Hadoop products ecosystem helps to solve these obstacles for many industries where structured and unstructured data is voluminous and is subject to batch driven distributed computation under Hadoop framework control. In many cases it is not entirely clear for stakeholders how a Hadoop system could be used and seamlessly integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure. We participate in designing the architecture both as a standalone Hadoop cluster and as integral part of the Middleware Enterprise Architecture

  • Sqoop for migration from Legacy systems RDBMS
  • HBase for structured log and telemetry and stat information
  • Hive for ad-hoc queries over collected statistics
  • Spark for quick prototyping and proof of concept
  • Integration of Hadoop into Enterprise SOA Platform

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