Software Architecture and Development

Software Architecture

At IntroPro we believe that Architectural Design of a complex Software Solution is the skeleton for functionally complete, stable, scalable, extensible and capable system. The design can be formal and process driven, or informal akin to intuition and experienced driven. Nevertheless, the essence is that we don't start any product development without architectural definition and in many cases, especially for advanced features with new technologies or critical attributes constraints, with a Proof of Concept, which tremendously helps to justify the proposed architecture.

Software Development

Software Development is our core offering for our clients. We execute software implementation activities of a broad complexity spectrum either in accordance with our client’s in-place policies or using our internal proven methodologies and practices.

For different projects of various software complexities, we are flexible enough to apply methodologies that work best. We are pragmatic driven and not dogmatic driven.

  • Lean Process – The Lean architecture and development process is our preference for very complex systems in international teams where face-to-face communication is a challenge, lot of thinking in advance and planning is required, standards are important, and the number of teams can be many
  • Agile Process - This is our preference as an internal core development process. We particularly differentiate it from Lean but are not afraid to mix beneficial features
  • Waterfall Process - Surprisingly, it may still work better than other processes for a very algorithmically complex software in its inception phases
  • Iterative Process - With a dominance of Agile methodologies, Iterative process still has its place in many Enterprises and can work well

We are putting very high emphasis on Continuous Integration and usage of standard build and repository tools in any Development Process.

Languages and Frameworks

  • We typically use Spring Framework, Hibernate, EclipseLink and Oracle TopLink, utility libraries like Guava, Quartz
  • For SOA Middleware Components Development, we often use JDeveloper and Eclipse integration with Oracle SOA Suite
  • We are open to leveraging other languages and frameworks if preferred by our clients

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