VOD System

"Our Enterprise Architecture team was selected to analyze the legacy Broadband Video On Demand (BBVOD) processing infrastructure. It was the right choice because our team has the best experts with deep knowledge and hands-on experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware, architectural knowledge of SOA, and proven skills in heterogeneous systems integration"
Kostiantyn PolshynIntegration Architect

IntroPro was selected as the Enterprise Architecture team to analyze legacy Broadband Video On Demand (BBVOD) processing infrastructure, to propose data and flow optimization points, and to implement an optimized data model and flow utilizing the Video PaaS Platform. IntroPro used platform capabilities such as consistent data access services, business services, UI components, and integration adapters to create a high-performance clustered application with real time content processing flow control and notification capabilities.

Internet broadband access allows significant increases in the number of VOD Titles that can be delivered to client Set Top Boxes. Therefore the client needed a reliable, high-performance system for Video Content processing, delivery and publishing. Video Content processing includes various phases like large content and metadata files management, initial video metadata validation and persistence, data enrichment with external data sources, encryption control, and downstreaming systems notification. All of these requirements needed to be seamlessly integrated into a system with flexible architecture to expand and extend into the future. The user interface needed to support capabilities to manage system settings, control processing, and audit data.

During the analysis phase all legacy systems participating in BBVOD processing were scrutinized, data inter-transmissions were elaborated and finally functional decomposition was performed. Interviews with subject matter experts identified existing and potential bottlenecks taking into account possible improvements. All collected information was used to eliminate existing data and functional duplication, avoid bottlenecks, and improve productivity.

The new architecture was implemented with a Service Oriented Architecture paradigm, which enables orchestrating complex flows using discrete services. Process automation based on industry standards BPEL, BPM provided robust flow management and control. Integration adapters implemented on a Service Bus offered a data mediation and the ability to abstract transport protocols. UI components for a flow control, monitoring and management were integrated into the Enterprise Portal.  

Technologies Stack:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (SCA, BPEL, BPM, Business rules)
  • Oracle WebLogic Application Server
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Oracle JMS
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle ADF
  • Spring Framework
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitor
  • Oracle Business Transactions Monitor
  • Web Services (SOAP)

IntroPro advantages:

  • Architectural knowledge of SOA Paradigm
  • Deep knowledge and hands-on experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Video Delivery and Video Broadcast Domain knowledge
  • Experience designing and implementing complex distributed solution in multiparadigm architectures (flow based, asynchronous messaging, etc.)
  • Proven skills in heterogeneous systems integration
  • Know-How development pipeline process for heterogeneous technology SOA Components (using Jenkins, Maven and Nexus as a kernel)
  • Quality assurance for functional requirements, data consistency, load and performance via automation
  • Continuous Integration seamlessly integrated for constant tracking of project quality
  • Long Term Technology evolution and edge competition advantages for Customer

Kostiantyn Polshyn, SOA Architect