Cloud STB

"It is no coincidence that IntoPro was selected as the development team for this Set Top Box (STB) new architecture and Cloud service implementation. Our engineers have extensive experience with In-Memory Data Grids, deep knowledge of the Embedded STB stack, and proven experience in designing, implementing and testing highly scalable distributed systems"
Andriy SementsovSenior Project Manager

Our Client needed to rearchitect their Set Top Box (STB) platform from the old design where data is being periodically pushed in batch scheduled intervals to the STB device to an architecture where much of the communication is performed real time via internet with a Cloud storing a very large set of data.

Modern Video On Demand offerings by media distribution providers exceed hundred of thousands movies, shows, episodes and series of different types targeting versatile audiences segregated both by categories, age ratings, languages and other attributes.

The Client infrastructure traditionally relied on Set Top Box memory and CPU capabilities to process all data on user side. The modern Set Top Box is a very intelligent platform providing rich user interface with features like Program Guide Listing, Video On Demand library, Search over Programs and Videos. But even such a powerful device cannot cope with the current data growth and processing demands. The major rearchitecture project was launched to drastically change the data source for the STB and migrate heavy data storage and processing to the Cloud side. To preserve and sustain a smooth and fluent user experience, the new architecture has put a strong emphasis on low latency and high volume RPS (requests per second), high consistency and amount of data, and extensible and evolving system design for new features in the future.

IntroPro was selected as the delivery team for the new STB architecture and Cloud service implementation effort due to our experience and skills in Video Broadcast domain, In-Memory Data Grid skills, deep understanding of the STB embedded stack and proven experience designing, implementing and testing highly scalable distributed systems.

Technologies Stack:

  • Embedded Linux C++ and Embedded Java
  • Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid
  • Oracle WebLogic Application Server
  • Spring Framework
  • REST Web Services (JSON, XML)

IntroPro advantages:

  • Deep knowledge of the Embedded STB stack
  • Extensive experience with In-Memory Data Grids
  • Track record of Distributed System Design and Implementation
  • Business Domain knowledge
  • Robust development process
  • Quality assurance for functional requirements, data consistency, load and performance via automation
  • Continuous Integration for constant tracking of project quality
  • "Product style" delivery including Software Quality Assurance phase
  • Long Term Technology evolution and edge competition advantages for Customer

Andriy Sementsov, Senior Project Manager