Addressable Ads Monitoring

"Our team worked on a quite interesting project designing and developing a modern monitoring system capable of both being integrated with a vast existing ecosystem and also reporting any problems with addressable ads that it can detect. Due to our unique experience both in embedded stack development as well as server side systems construction, the system was designed and implemented in a short time"
Igor KhotinSystem Architect

Our Client strives to keep the technological advantage over the competition. The broadcast service platform they built is one of the best in the industry. The major engineering effort goes into cutting-edge areas like cloud services and Video On Demand. One particular direction is crucial for any modern media provider – Addressable Advertisement.

Addressable Advertisement is a promising and dynamically growing part of the broadcast industry. The technical implementation is complex and involves software components deployed both on the broadcast headend side and on the Set Top Box embedded stack. The process involves a lot of broadcast support engineers as well as other support staff of Media Content Providers. With so many systems and people involved, there could be problems in any phase of the addressable ads process.

To expand the Addressable Advertisement scope and maintain quality of service, it was crucial to devise a real-time monitoring system that can detect and pinpoint the source of any problem.

Our IntroPro team was selected to design and develop a modern monitoring system capable of being integrated with a vast existing ecosystem and report any detected problems with addressable ads.

The IntroPro team has unique experience both in embedded stack development and server side systems construction. That allowed us to design and implement the complete system in short time. In 4 months we provided a fully functional application and in 9 months it was deployed as a stable system in production.

The system uses the Set Top Box as a sensor. Our team took a production image of the STB firmware and modified it for ads monitoring. Now numerous related software components are running on the STB. They are catching and sending valuable events on the server side, where these events are analyzed. The server logic detects any problems with addressable advertisement and immediately notifies all involved personnel.

A test rack with monitoring STBs has also been deployed for additional levels of monitoring. Each STB is targeted at particular TV channel and detects any problems with incoming feed or advertisement content. The system exposes RESTful API for control and data flows and presents all available information in a web browser.

Technologies Stack:

  • Grails framework (Java, Groovy, Spring framework);
  • RESTful web services (HTTP, JSON);
  • Embedded Linux, C++ and Embedded Java

IntroPro advantages:

  • Deep knowledge of Embedded STB stack
  • Experience in enterprise-grade real-time systems
  • Experience in web services
  • Business Domain knowledge
  • Progressive software development practices
  • Long Term Technology evolution and edge competition advantages for Customer

Igor Khotin, System Architect