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Why IntroPro?

See what some of our employees are saying about IntroPro

  • Anastasiia Pavlenko
    Automated QA Tester
    “I have been part of the IntroPro team for 2 years and have not faced one negative experience. When I started the company, I was in a more junior position, but my talent was quickly recognized and I have been receiving great recognition for my work and look forward to expanding my career here”
  • Kirill Kozlov
    Software Developer
    “The IntroPro management team is some of the most professional and helpful folks that I have had the pleasure to work with. Everyone on the team collaborates to solve problems and the teamwork is amazing. You have the ability to speak to the right person, at the right time and there is no unnecessary politics in the way.”
  • Taras Lozovyi
    Automated QA Tester
    “I am very happy to be part of the IntroPro team. The salary is competitive, the benefits are excellent, the work location is convenient and I am enjoying the additional perks of the gym, fun team building events and the opportunity to take higher education courses and learn new languages”
  • Dmitriy Stepanov
    Senior J2EE Developer
    “I have been with IntroPro for 2 years and I have enjoyed the overall work experience and the stability.”
  • Iryna Gryshchenko
    Automated QA Tester
    "I really happy to be a part of the Intro Pro team. I like convenient company location and the flexible working hours. Among numerous benefits that the company provides us I use the perks of the free gym and additional courses.”
  • Veronika Mutsei
    Automated QA Tester
    “I have worked for IntroPro for almost 2 years and I can say I have truly enjoyed the experience. The team is friendly and interesting and ready to share their knowledge and problem solve. The work hours are convenient and the work atmosphere is enjoyable and sparks creativity. I love the opportunity to work on challenging projects and can see there is a great opportunity for my career growth.”
  • Oleksandr Shevchuk
    Developer/Project Lead
    “I am happy to be part of the IntroPro team and have the opportunity to work on cutting edge, NEXT GEN solutions. The work atmosphere encourages collaboration and creativity, which is something I truly enjoy. The management team recognizes great work and achievements and there is a solid opportunity for growth and a career path.”
  • Eugeny Kiselyov
    UI/UX Designer
    “I recently joined IntroPro a few weeks ago and am enjoying the experience so far. The management is excellent and I work with a great team. The management treats the employees will respect and truly listen to our ideas and appreciate our contributions.”
  • Andriy Slobodian
    Senior UI/Front-End Developer
    “I joined the IntroPro team over 2 years ago and appreciate this great career opportunity. The team is friendly, easy to work with and we collaborate to resolve issues. The executives are assessable and have and “open door policy” and the management is very supportive and encouraging. The salary is competitive and I have enjoyed the additional perks of travel to trade shows, training, good benefits and the free gym.”
  • Boris Petrovskyi
    Java Developer
    “Excellent Company and great team to be a part of. I am proud to be part of this organization and see an exciting future here at IntroPro with opportunity for growth.”
Life with IntroPro
  • Check out our pictures from IntroPro’s first Selimium Camp on FB
  • In honor and celebration of National Woman’s Day, we would like to recognize all of the important Woman and Young Woman at the work place and in the community.
  • Third Employee workshop on Defensive Driving to improve on the road safety for employees and overall wellbeing.
  • Our IntroPro Team Recognizes the gentleman in our organization and the community during THE NATIONAL DEFENDER’S DAY HOLIDAY."
  • Intropro team building event, climbing the wall as a team!!!
  • Be careful, no more than 2 tablets, of gummy candy that is. IntroPro’s gummy pills will give you the sugar you need to make it through the work day! 
  • It is only considered work if you don’t enjoy what you do.
  • The Internet & Television Expo. Check out our pictures on FB.


Employee Benefit Packages

Competitive salary and career development
Opportunity for achievement based bonuses and recognition awards
Paid overtimes
Official full time employment with paid 24 days of vacations, sick leaves, national holidays
Regular team buildings
Offices not in downtown
Business trips to US, EU are possible

Full benefit package

Medical Insurance Coverage
Covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses.
Gym Membership and Wellness Programs
The first and exclusive fitness club of health - Dr. Korper Health Club in Ukraine.
Team building Events
Volleyball, Football, Basketball and running clubs.
Consider Additional Training & Education
Opportunities for additional training, education, certifications and various language courses.

About IntroPro

IntroPro provides consulting, architectural design, development and Quality Assurance services for Enterprise Grade systems and embedded systems (devices) software development that help our customers to have advantages in the time-to-market and costs.

General Directions

  • Advisory Services

    IntroPro provides more than support for our clients in delivering projects within their project portfolio. Through clear insights, practical solutions and an unmatched commitment to quality, we help our clients to solve problems, prioritize and schedule their efforts to unlock their potential for growth

    Company overview
  • Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Systems encompass software solutions that expose and execute functionality and services in a customer business and knowledge domain. We denote the name Enterprise Systems for web applications, distributed multi-component and multi-tiered services, and large SOA based cross-functional integrated platforms. We use industry standards for technologies, frameworks, protocols and methodologies to design and implement Enterprise class solutions.

    Company overview
  • Embedded Solutions

    Embedded Software is a wide spectrum that deals with design and development of software solutions for custom hardware, end user devices, small factor and industrial appliances, video and audio devices and technologies.

    Company overview
  • Information Management and Business Analytics

    IntroPro's sees Information Management as the acquisition of information from one or more sources, the custodianship and the distribution of that information to those who need it, and its ultimate disposition through archiving or deletion. Business Analytics is the continuous iterative exploration and investigation of business data to gain insight and drive business planning.

    Company overview
  • Mobile Applications

    Mobility is now an absolute requirement for today's applications. We build our solutions with Mobility in mind right from the beginning.

    Company overview
  • Telecom Systems

    Telecom Systems occupy the special spectrum among Software products with stringent requirements for scalability, high availability, long evolution lifecycle, performance and latency. Our Engineers and Architects have vast experience in products development, systems integration, network design, installation and support of Telecom Grade systems at Telecom software and hardware vendors.

    Company overview
  • TV Media Entertainment

    IntroPro has successfully delivered valuable solutions to the TV, Media, and Entertainment industry for over 7 years. All of our Expertise areas have been delivered to clients in the industry. Many of our engineers had industry experience prior to joining IntroPro.

    Company overview

  • E-Commerce

    IntroPro has vast experience in development of wide spectrum of E-Commerce software. It covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations.

    Company overview